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Create Branded Products for Your Gym, Yoga Studio or Fitness Center

Gym or yoga studio branding works best if you create something your customers will use. So whether it's your company name and logo on a T-shirt or dumbbell, promotional items remind both the user and those around them of your company. A careful selection of fitness promotional items will help your company's name recognition -- not to mention, give your future clients a positive association before they even walk through your doors. And when used inside your gym or fitness club, branded items add a sense of professionalism that elevates your business to create a good impression. Whatever your needs may be, Ad Premiums Unlimited can help you create branded gear for your business - contact us today to get started!

Need Branded Fitness Gear for Your Business?


Yoga Studio Branding Solutions

Create Custom Yoga Equipment & Apparel

Whether you're part of a general athletic club or a specialized yoga studio, yoga-focused items can be a good choice. The popularity of custom yoga pants, even in non-athletic circles, makes them a great choice. Incorporating your company logo into a flashy or unusual design is a fantastic way to make an impression. You also can take a minimalist approach and add a small logo to a classic pair of yoga pants. Yoga mats also make great promotional items. For one, they are a must-have for any yoga class. And many would-be yoga students would rather avoid using communal mats when possible. By offering a customized yoga mat, you're making it easier for new people to become clients or even try a yoga class or two. Plus, unlike with yoga apparel, you don't need to worry about sizing. And if you would prefer a more straightforward and easily portable branded option, yoga blocks are a great alternative. These lightweight foam blocks are easy to customize, and they look great on a display table, too. Yoga mats also have the benefit of being useful for almost every kind of exercise. Even those who don't practice yoga will find them useful for stretches, ab workouts, foam rolling, etc. In addition, they are relatively affordable and come in a wide range of colors and designs.

Custom Yoga Equipment & Apparel in San Jose

Health Club Branding Solutions

Create Custom Gym & Exercise Equipment

When it comes to promotional fitness items, custom gym accessories offer seemingly endless options. Whether you want to use them in your gym, offer them for sale, or both, these items with your logo and company colors are a remarkable way to get your business noticed. For example, gym bags, sweatbands, or hooded warm-ups are a great, custom branded accessory that can be sold or given away as part of a new member special. Also, consider adding a durable logo decal to existing in-house equipment. When used in your gym or fitness club, equipment with your logo stands out and shows that you're proud of your brand and willing to invest in it. If you'd prefer something more subtle or easier to transport and distribute, resistance bands are a relatively simple option. And even though they're small, recipients can use them for an unbelievable range of exercises. Resistance bands are also a very cost- effective way of getting your brand out there. Lastly, exercise balls, foam rollers, and ab rollers are eye-catching ways to help clients achieve their goals and promote your brand. These are also compelling pieces of exercise equipment to offer, as the recipient can use them both at home and in the gym.

Custom Gym & Exercise Equipment in San Jose

Fitness Promotional Items & Gifts in Silicon Valley

Water Bottles, Shaker Bottles, Cooling Towels, Yoga Pants & More!

Fitness gifts and other smaller items are easy and relatively economical ways to promote your business. These items are excellent choices, thanks to their versatility. Unlike gym equipment and similar promotional materials, these general items have plenty of uses in the world at large. So whether someone is bringing a branded cooling towel to an event or a logo water bottle to watch a cross-fit competition, they are sure to get you noticed. With your logo, water bottles and shaker bottles will be handy to athletes of all disciplines. They are also very easy to hand out at expos and other significant events. And since these items are beneficial, the people who receive them are very likely to have a positive impression of your facility or brand. Similarly, towels and gym bags are almost universally useful fitness items that customers and would-be customers are sure to appreciate. Gyms can also promote themselves using a wide variety of gym apparel. Finally, t-shirts are always popular choices, but socks or hats make great promo items if you need something smaller.

Water Bottles, Shaker Bottles, Cooling Towels, Yoga Pants & More!

How Do You Decide Which Fitness Items to Choose?

The wide range of available promotional items can become overwhelming. But if you're interested in designing and distributing items for your gym or athletic club, our consultants can offer guidance and design services to help you get started. First, our consultants will discuss your branding and promotional goals with you. For example, some businesses want highly portable items to distribute into the larger community. Others are looking for branded equipment to use in-house. Then, our consultants will collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure that our services meet your needs. If you manage a fitness center, health club, or yoga studio, you already know that branded items can help take your name recognition and membership to the next level. At Ad Premiums Unlimited, we work with local businesses of all sizes and stay with you through the entire process, from graphic design to finished product. Want to know more about how custom fitness promotional items can work for you? Give us a call today at (408) 460-0881 to schedule a consultation!


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