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Create Branded Products For Your Bar, Restaurant or Food Business

Kick-off your bar or restaurant grand openings! Do it in style with branded, on-theme promotional products. Promote the big event on social media and let patrons know the first 50 guests will receive a free branded tee or sports bottle. While your excellent service and food quality will ultimately be what brings customers back, extra goodies like these will be icing on the cake.

Need Branded Gear for Your Restaurant or Bar?


Branded Glassware, Cups, & Drinking Accessories

Create Customized Drinkware for Your Bar or Restaurant

All aspects of your bar or dinner table are prime candidates for branding. Branded glassware with your logo will impress guests sipping cocktails, while plastic souvenir cups are just the thing for kids to drink from while they eat. Don't forget about branded menus and table tents, perfect for promoting your business along with happy hour deals and specials.

Custom Restaurant & Bar Drinkware Items:

Branded Glassware, Cups, & Drinking Accessories in San Jose

Food & Beverage Industry Supplies

Create Branded Restaurant Apparel, Menus, Signage & More!

If your establishment has a theme, such as a sports bar, there's enormous potential for creative giveaways that will get customers excited. For instance, toss around mini footballs to quarterbacks in training or give bundles of nuts to the most enthusiastic sports nuts in the room. Host happy hour events or trivia nights? Stock up on prizes like promotional bags or sunglasses to hand out to the winners.

Popular Restaurant Apparel & Accessories:

Create Branded Restaurant Apparel, Menus, Signage & More

Useful Restaurant Promo Items & Marketing Supplies

Put Your Logo on Takeout Boxes, To-Go Bags, Pens & More!

After the excitement of the opening day settles, give customers one last surprise by passing out promotional pens and branded mints with their bill. This extra effort will create a more memorable experience and keep your establishment top-of-mind for future visits.

Popular Restaurant & Bar Promotional Items:

Put Your Logo on Takeout Boxes, To-Go Bags, Pens & More
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